Happy work and enjoy life!

2017-03-24 13:48:19 Ken

My UK client Anne and I had a meeting for some metal parts. She checked in the Hotel Indigo in Hong Kong, which is on the Queen’s Road .

Walking in the street, I couldn’t help thinking of the song Queen’s Road East sung by Tayu Lo . Unfamiliar with the street, after wandering back and forth, up and down, finally, I spotted the Hotel Indigo at a common corner.

The meeting went smoothly in a friendly atmosphere, and we came to an agreement for her projects

news-1.jpgOE Fitting and Lighting Co., Limited

After waving goodbye to Anne, I walked out of the Hotel and stood in the street, hearing the Ukulele. A Hong Kong man with artistic talent played the Ukulele, singing a song just for entertaining himself. Infected by his inspiring song and smile, I totally forgot my tiredness.

OE Fitting and Lighting Co., Limited